Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Bubbly Drinks Are So Bad For You

When my spouse missing almost 2 " wide off his waist just by giving up bubbly drinks, we couldn't believe it! Almost 2 " wide gone simply taking bubbly drinks out of his diet! I had to find out why bubbly drinks pop is so bad for you.

Nutritional Value:

Little to NO nutrition! Known as bubbly drinks, bubbly drinks, pop, caffeinated drink, or liquid candy; there is little to no healthy value or vitamins in these popular sweet drinks.

What's in it?

Caffeine, carbs or low calorie sweetening (diet), carbonation, usually synthetic shading, flavor, and additives. Yuk! Just all bad stuff!

Health effects of soda:

- Obesity
- Type-2 Diabetes
- Center Disease
- Bone density
- Teeth decay
- Sleeplessness and/or restlessness
- Coffee addiction

Some details about bubbly beverages:

1. Research that bubbly drinks intake has been linked to being overweight. The sweet drink is loaded with carbs that wind up as fat. This can cause to diseases related to being overweight like cardiovascular condition or cancer.

2. It doesn't matter if it's eating plan or not. In fact, research have proven that eating plan bubbly drinks consumers are prone to getting more bodyweight than regular bubbly drinks consumers. Why? The sugar alternatives produce a negative hormonal reaction that increases fat storing hormone production in the body system.

3. Diet bubbly drinks also can play mind games with those who drink it. Because of the lack of calorie intake, they think they are allowed more calorie intake forcing them to eat more.

4. Additionally, because no calorie intake are being consumed from the eating plan plan bubbly drinks, your body system may continue to crave what it expected. This could cause to unnecessary eating or bingeing.

5. Carbonation reduces calcium mineral increasing chances of brittle bones. The phosphoric acid which creates the pockets reduces blood calcium mineral levels.

6. Coffee not only energizes the neurological system which contributes to stress, unsettled sleep, and insomnia but also reduces calcium mineral in the body system.

7. Soda intake can also cause corrosion. The added 10 tsp of glucose per can plus calcium mineral destruction = weak, spoiled teeth.

8. Research that there is a 30% greater chance of bodyweight gain around the belly. This is probably why my spouse missing almost 2 " wide around his waist in about 5 weeks!

Looking at the important points about bubbly drinks, is it really worth your health? Water would be the best drink choice. Tea would be another wise decision. Try black, green, or white herbal tea since they have anti-oxidants. Loose tea is better and there are many lovely herbal tea to choose from. If the tea is still not lovely enough for you, try adding honies.

If you're still craving lovely tastes, try organic juice. They have anti-oxidants and have a sweet taste to them. However, I would suggest watering down the juice with water since there is also a lot of glucose in some juices; about 3 areas water to 1 part juice. If you think 3 areas is too extreme, start with 50/50 water to juice rate then work your way to 3 areas. Remember: study the labels for sugar!

To your health!

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