Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Bubbly Normal water Moisturize You?

A variety of wellness studies report that the consumption of bubbly drinks is linked to lack of liquids. This can be a little complicated, because while it is practical that soft drinks could cause this problem, it gets a little more complicated when you start to consider bubbly water. Does bubbly water moisturize you, or dry out you? To answer this question, a basic understanding of a few concepts is needed.


The carbonation discovered in bubbly water can come from a variety of different sources. In some situations it is synthetically bubbly by treating co2 in to the water in the same way that it is added to soft drinks. In other situations the carbonation is the natural result of nutrients in the water. In either case, the presence of co2 in the water makes carbonic acid, which is what causes the biting on feeling that you get when you eat a bubbly drink.


Dehydration is the loss of water or liquids from the system. On the whole, with few exclusions, the foods and drinks that you eat will moisturize you, adding liquid to your system. If you exercise or find yourself outside on a hot day, you can become dried by losing water through sweating. In situations like this you need to eat more liquids to be able to drink plenty of water. Consuming plenty of water, whether it is flat or bubbly, is a fantastic way to drink plenty of water.

Myths and Misconceptions

A whole lot of wellness information experiences have outlined the link between drinking bubbly drinks and lack of liquids. This has led to misunderstandings and rumour. It is not actually the carbonation that is resulting in lack of liquids, it is the caffeinated drinks that is discovered in bubbly drinks such as soda that the information experiences are talking about. Caffeine has the effect of resulting in you to pee more often to be able to remove the toxins produced as a by-product, which can lead to lack of liquids. Fizzy drinks that do not contain caffeinated drinks do not cause lack of liquids.

Effects of Fizzy Water

Once again, bubbly water does not dry out you. The carbonation can cause you to feel more full, however, and drink less water, so be sure to eat about eight glasses a day regardless.

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